10 Fun Dog Tricks | Teach Your Dog Easily 

Roll Over 

Teaching your dog to roll over is a delightful trick. Begin with 'down' and 'stay' commands. Gently guide them to roll on their side. Reward and repeat. 

High Five 

Your dog can give high fives! Hold a treat above their head, and when they raise their paw, reward them. Practice until they master it. 


Playing fetch is a classic game. Start with a favorite toy. Toss it gently and encourage your dog to retrieve it. Reward their success. 


Teaching your dog to 'speak' on command is fun. Use a word like 'bark' and reward them when they vocalize. Practice consistently. 

Shake Hands 

Handshakes are a cute trick. Extend your hand, and when your dog touches it with their paw, reward them. Repeat until they grasp it. 

Spin Around 

Spinning around is entertaining. Guide your dog in a circle, rewarding them as they turn. Practice until they spin on cue. 

Play Dead 

Make your dog 'play dead' with a 'bang' cue. Start with 'down,' then gently roll them onto their side. Reward and add the cue. 

Jump Through Hoop 

Hoop-jumping is impressive. Begin with a small hoop on the ground, and gradually raise it. Reward when your dog leaps through. 

Balance Treat on Nose 

Balance a treat on your dog's nose and give a 'wait' command. Release them to catch and eat it. Requires patience but is fun to teach. 


Teach your dog to crawl low to the ground. Use a 'crawl' command and guide them with a treat. Reward their progress. 

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