Boston Celtics: The Top 5 Plays from Monday's Celtics-Hornets Game

WRITTEN BY Raju Kumar Yadav

The analysis of the top five plays from Monday's game between the Celtics and Hornets on Martin Luther King Jr

Day has Boston making a statement on the opening play, possibly its finest possession of the game, and Jayson Tatum surpassing 50 points.

The Celtics frequently struggle when a game begins in the afternoon, but Boston started the Monday matinee game quickly as seen by its first possession.

Derrick White receives the pass as Robert Williams steps up to provide a screen that keeps Mason Plumlee away from the basket.

 There is no one to rotate to protect the basket because the weak-side corner is vacant, and PJ Washington is slow to respond out of concern for Al Horford.

After missing a layup, Bryce McGowens is the last one to come back, and Jayson Tatum and Payton Pritchard are free on the right side of the arc

thanks to Dennis Smith Jr. picking up the closest Celtic, Robert Williams, who Mark Williams is also moving toward.

With Mark Williams camped in the paint, Tatum decides against firing a lob to the Timelord after detecting McGowens' approach.

He avoids McGowens instead, leaps off two feet, and finishes above the rim.