How LeBron James Survived Endurance Test Against Dallas

WRITTEN BY Raju Kumar Yadav

LeBron James, an All-Star forward who is 38 years old, played more minutes than any other Laker during your Los Angeles Lakers'

heartbreaking 119-115 double overtime home loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday (46:45, still a lower sum than all five Dallas starters).

James lacked some of his usual vigour. The 6'9" power forward still produced respectable counting figures, scoring 24 points on just 9 of 28 field goal attempts

grabbing 16 rebounds, and dishing out nine assists to teammates.

Darvin Ham, the head coach, discussed how he and James coordinated James' playing time on Thursday night with media after the game.

The game is going so [well], he's in a nice rhythm, we're fighting back, we're trying to hold on,

but sometimes he's feeling the wave, so he'll force through it, said Ham.

"He's excellent about flagging me or notifying one of the assistant coaches that he needs a breather," Ham said.

But when he becomes exhausted, he will signal me or another staff member, and we will work to get him out of there and give him a break.