Los Angeles Lakers News: LeBron James now posting notable career worst

WRITTEN BY Raju Kumar Yadav

LeBron James is widely regarded as the GOAT, but this season he has also become his own WOAT.

On Thursday against the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers star James played the role of Carlton Banks-

to the best of his ability, shooting a pitiful 0 for 7 from 3-point range. This includes a number of costly errors during the double-overtime defeat.

James had a career three-point percentage of 61/207 (29.5%) going into the contest. 

That was somewhat better than the season in which he shot the fewest threes in his career.

(29.0 percent in his rookie year with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003-04).

But after failing to score against Dallas, James has a new career-worst season percentage of 61/214 (28.5%). (per Basketball Reference).

With an average of eight attempts per game for the Lakers last year, the former MVP James had his highest volume of three-point attempts of his career.

(which often has an inverse relationship with effectiveness).