Why This Expert Expects LA To Have A "Quiet" Trade Deadline

WRITTEN BY Raju Kumar Yadav

Being a front desk employee is a difficult job to be in. The Lakers must assess what potential opportunities remain in the season.

Trading away first-round selections for established talent won't help the Lakers if they have almost no chance of even making the playoffs.

However, if the Lakers can quickly resume their winning ways, selling their first-round picks would prove advantageous.

There are several factors to take into account, including different trade deals, but experts think the Lakers will stay put until the deadline.

A playoff place for the Lakers still seems out of reach, so a quiet deadline seems more plausible. 

Despite Anthony Davis' absence, the Lakers have recovered to sit three games below.500.

 The organisation will be under additional pressure to reach an agreement if the winning streak continues. 

But the less sense it makes to surrender future draught equity for guys who can help them win now if they can't keep up their streak.

They might even change course and start selling before the deadline.